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Capricorn Zodiac Tea 2 oz

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Capricorn, the hard-working, dependable sign of the Zodiac.

Roots of the Sun Capricorn tea is infused with the Earthy sensible energy of Capricorn. Our Capricorn tea is a blend of organic sustainably harvested herbs in the sign of Capricorn or helper herbs for this Earth sign. Herbs such as yarrow for soothing and balancing the solar plexus. Ginger for sacral and root chakra stimulating energy for encouraging Capricorn to climb towards their goals. We also added Licorice to help Capricorn energy speak their truth and ask for help when they need it, as they are prone to overworking and not asking for community support. One does not have to be a Capricorn to harness and work with this efficient responsible sign. Using this tea in ritual is a perfect time to ground your responsibilities. or to finish a project. This cardinal earth energy will help you gather your thoughts and logistics to make a long term goal achievable. We find one of the best ways to incorporate the earth element into our self-care practice is to incorporate tea and herbs into your ceremonial practice.

Capricorn tea is for anyone in need of finishing an Earthly project. We also like to use this tea to connect with the fairies and earthly realms. We feel Capricorn is not all serious and has a fairy-like mischief about them. Roots of the Sun tea’s are always handmade with love by local herbalists. We sincerely hope you feel the high vibrational energy we infuse into all of our tea. Happy manifesting!

Flavor: Spicy, Earthy

Caffeine:Content: None

Ingredients: Lemon balm Leaf, Yarrow flowers and leaf, Ginger Root, Plantain Leaf, Marjoram Leaf, Love, Magick

Precautions: This product is produced in a facility that processes all nuts. This description is for educational purposes only. This tea has not been evaluated by the FDA, it is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare provider before you use this product

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