Why Tea

As most of you know, Jake and I are obsessed with tea, tisanes, extractions and decoctions. From the moment we wake up, to our wind-down at night, tea is an integral part of our life practice. It's such a beautiful rabbit hole to fall into when the magick of tea has sparked your interest. As I lean into plants in the form of tea, it makes me realize the alchemy that herbs offer our human bodies. There is a finesse to plant water extraction that teaches us patience, fluidity, self-care, magick and hopefully reverence. As a human I can’t think of a better teacher of the human experience. Tea has been there for me through pure joy, travel, change, sorrow, grief, illness and pretty much any situation... I tend to feel “there is a tea for that!"

The world is changing... wouldn't you agree? I'm seeing more and more people incorporate tea/herbs into their lifestyle, which makes my heart explode. After taking the amazing Ashley Smith’s tea course, I developed even more reverence and respect for tea than before. I realized I was “using” tea to help me get through many situations, but lo and behold I wasn’t giving these amazing plant beings the reverence through ceremony that they truly deserve.

One begins to grasp the full scope of tea ritual when considering the processes of growing, talking, singing, praying, watering, loving, harvesting, fermenting, drying, grinding, then using fire to heat the water for extracting the infinite earth that is infused into the plants, and finally the constituents rising and falling with the air and spirit back into the water for your consuming pleasure. I can’t believe our ancestors gave us these plants and knowledge. After I realized this gold existed, I started researching and trying out different ceremonial tea practices from around the world. Though I am just scratching the surface of understanding what these traditions have to offer, I realize there are a few things they all have in common, such as the focus on the elements in relation to our experience. For example a Cacao Ceremony is heart opening and grounds you into your body, while tea(camellia sinensis) is like a gentle teacher that weaves the heart with the body and mind for healing. As my ceremonial tea/herb practice deepens, I will be sharing more offerings via Roots of the Sun.

Tea Blessings,


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