Flower Essences for the Spiritual Ascension Path

Flower Essences for the Spiritual Ascension Path

I wanted to write this blog to express the beauty, healing and support that flower essences have offered me on my personal ascension process. When the plandemic started in 2020 I had a deep urge to go within and dig even deeper for healing that I had never given myself the opportunity to do before. I also personally started to become more and more sensitive to energy, spirits, and the people around me. I now feel that 2020 was a collective shadow cleansing for humanity. The opportunity to calm down, stop, examine, and really feel and heal, so that our own ascension as well as mother earth’s ascension could begin. As always, I turn to mother earth for support. I have said many times before that she has saved me in so many ways, and so many times than I can even count. This time I turned to a tool that I had not worked with in the past, flower essences. I believe that when one is, or starts to become more sensitive to the world around them, flower essences can offer great support in many dimensions of our life.

History of flower essences

Lets explore the creator’s path, Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936). Dr. Bach was a traditionally trained physician with a busy career of over work and eventually drove himself/his health into the ground. He became dissatisfied with the traditional orthodox model that treats only symptoms and not taking into consideration ones personality and emotions in terms of illness. Dr. Bach worked at the London Homeopathic Hospital where he had many realizations about the importance of spiritual health on our physical health. Dr. Bach continued his private practice on the side treating the less fortunate for little to no money. He decided he wanted some more simple gentle plant based methods to treat individuals. He created flower essences and started to treat his patients with them and got great results. In 1930 Dr. Bach wrote a book called Heal Thyself, this brilliant book had the message that physical dis-ease is the result of being in conflict with ones own spiritual purpose. DR. Bach went on to create 38 flower essences, which he believed to be supportive for underlying negative thought patterns that contributed to dis-ease. So much love and gratitude to this man, his work is still alive today at the Dr. Edward Bach Centre in England. [1]

‘Health depends on being in harmony with our souls’ Dr. Edward Bach'[1]

What is a flower essence?

A flower essence is a vibrational packet of information that flowers transmit, suspended in water. Many practitioners use this system in tandem with other modalities to support spiritual, emotional, and soul healing.

How to Use a Flower essence?

Using a flower essence is typically something that you will put a few drops in water and enjoy.

How flower essences effect the body?

When the body recognizes this flower frequency, it then helps the body to stimulate its own connection to its inner healing in energetic form. This therapy is subtle and works with the energetic body first. Some people may not initially see changes, but then start to notice they are seeing more balance.

How to make a flower essence?

Since the flower frequencies are so energetic and energetically sensitive the method starts with the person being in a peaceful neutral state of mind in order to not influence the flowers essence while making the product, this is a very important step! I believe it is important to let the flowers call to you. This is a method of healing with mother earth that I recommend to clients and use most in my own practice. When you are on a walk or outside and a flower stands out to you, I believe it is speaking to you. Mother Earth is always trying to support us in our healing process! Take a deep breath, clear your mind and ask for permission to use this flowers energetic essence. After you get permission, you are going to essentially infuse good purified water with the fresh flower in a glass bowl, in the full sun for 2 to 6 hours. It is best to try and bend the flower over into the bowl without taking it from its own alive beautiful frequency. This is more difficult than it sounds, either way holding the energy of deep gratitude for the messages the flowers offer your DNA is the goal. Be aware not to shadow the bowl with your energy and try to be aware of the clouds and how the sun changes in order to get full sun energy in the bowl the entire time. After you have infused the flower for the amount of time that feels right to you, give a little of the infusion to the plant as a thank you. You then strain them out and add Brandy. This is called the Mother essence. You can then use small amounts of the mother essence to bottle daughter essences with adding water and infusing love and healing into each bottle. There are many different methods to making flower essence, I feel the most important part is being in the right energy of your own. I believe this is why this is such a special tool for healing. Please also be aware of the flower itself is okay for human consumption (know your plants). I personally do not make essences that are not medicinal and eatable for humans.

You Will Need:

~ the right mindset

~ glass or crystal bowl

~ high vibrational water (spring water, reverse osmosis, purified)

~ a few fresh flowers

~ 80 proof Brandy

~ A full sunny day

~ an amber bottle for the mother essences

~ small amber bottles for daughter essences

~ cheese cloth

~ a small funnel

*use about 7-8 oz of water to 1-2oz of Brandy

Tips & Tricks

~ Pray to the spirits of the plant and surroundings and ask for them to reveal there healing messages to you.

~ Feel the healing after you have made the essence and journal about how it makes you feel BEFORE you look up the flower essence meanings online from someone else. This allows the communication to be open between you and the plant. I believe you receive more healing from feeling into this first before you study about it.

~ Learn about the basics, then make it your own ritual. Incorporate the moon and planetary cycles. If the plant itself feels like it is calling for you to open up the directions and invite in a certain element, go for it.

~Give thanks to Dr. Edward Bach’s spirit for channeling this information and giving birth to it for the world to have

~Have Fun!

As my own spiritual path expands and ascension presents itself to me, I truly give so much credit to the wisdom and gentle healing I have found in making my own flower essences. Every single time I make a new one and site with it, I discover it is exactly what I needed. I sincerely hope that you can find support from mother earth in this gentle way, if you are in need of some spiritual and emotional support...I think you might be surprised at what you discover!

Plant Blessings,


[1] Howard, Judy; Bach Flower Remedies Ltd.; Wigmore Publications ; Bach Flower Essences for the Family: 1993


*Please be aware this article is for educational, ritual and entertainment purposes only. Nothing on this page is medical advice. Always consult your trusted healthcare provider before you incorporate any herbal practices into your health routine. Nothing on this page is intended to treat, cure, diagnose, recommend, or prevent any diseases.

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