Fire Cider for the Dark Half of the Year

I LOVE fire cider and really enjoy making this kitchen medicinal herbal recipe. Fire Cider is made loosely of horseradish, garlic, onion, ginger, cayenne, and other medicinal herbs you feel called to add. Rosemary Gladstar , an amazing herbalist and teacher is referred to as the grandmother of herbal medicine in the United States is the creator of this delicious concoction. This recipe is a winter tradition around my house and apothecary, and many herbal medicine makers around the world. Fire cider is a spicy sweet concoction made of kitchen spices and herbal remedies mixed together in honey, apple cider vinegar for an excellent cold and flu support through the winter months. Fire cider can be enjoyed straight and it makes an excellent salad dressing, either way you use it, it makes an exceptional daily support for the dark half of the year when our immune systems and chests need some extra support!

History Of Fire Cider

Fire Cider was created by the wonderful Rosemary Gladstar at the California School Of Herbal Studies in the early 1980’s and was shared and taught to many herbalist and nature lovers alike. Rosemary Gladstar shared this recipe all around the U.S. at many conferences and classes. Soon this spicy-sweet recipe became a staple in the kitchens of many for the cold and flu season. This tradition has been the center of much controversy in the past years over a certain company wanting to trademark the name Fire Cider, which ultimately the case was lost by this company due to their insufficient knowledge of its beginnings, and quit frankly their hunger for profits. After this company trademarked this without the public's knowledge, they then began sending Cease & Desist letters to really small companies about using the name fire cider in their labeling. This began a wave of amazing herbalists standing up to the tyranny of profits over tradition. I will add a link at the bottom if you are interested in the great cider trial. The energy of fire cider really lives up to its name, fire cider is a bold healer and comes with warrior energy behind it. Hopefully when you are making this herbal medicine you will think of the beauty in the warrior spirit of all the herbalists that fought for the rites of this tradition and won!

What is Fire Cider

Fire cider is a pungent remedy easily made from the ingredients right in your kitchen. People can enjoy this fiery support all year, and it is especially helpful during the cold and flu season. The basic ingredients are fresh garlic, ginger, onion, horseradish and hot pepper, apple cider vinegar and honey, as well as whatever herbs you want to add.

Working With Fire Cider

How to use Fire Cider

Fire Cider can be used as a culinary assistant in the kitchen and it can be taken as a teaspoon a day for immune boosting support. Rosemary Gladstar’s book Medicinal Herbs: A Beginners Guide, she suggests 1-2 teaspoons at the beginning of cold or flu and continue to take every 3 to 4 hours while you are not feeling well. Obviously it is important to listen to your body and tune into what is right for you, as well as be informed of any medications adverse reactions. All in all when you are in need of a fiery jump start to your immune system or looking for a healthy culinary support, think of fire cider.

How Fire Cider Effects the Body

It is best known for its immune boosting, antimicrobial, digestive stimulant, and circulation support. This list can be expanded as you add other herbals for your specific needs, such as adaptogens etc. This is a heating tonic during the winter months, if you already experience hot conditions, you may want to choose a different remedy for immune support.

Directions on How to Make your own

Fire cider is really fun to make, I am going to give my specific recipe at the bottom. What I love about this remedy is you can add so many different herbs to meet your needs, so its always different and creative when you blend it. I really like to use my magic butter machine when I am wanting the remedy fast. However I prefer to make all herbal remedies on the moon cycles, this is a folk herbalism practice, we will explore both. Essentially you get your kitchen witch on…...!

1} Chop all your fresh ingredients as fine as possible, set aside

2} Add the fresh chopped ingredients to your jar or to your magic butter machine

3} Pour apple cider vinegar or ACV all the way to the top of the jar covering the ingredients as to leave no air in the jar, use parchment paper under the jar lid so the metal jar does not come into contact with vinegar. If you are using magic butter machine measure out the amount and add ACV to ingredients.

4a} For the Jar method, let the jar with ACV and ingredients sit for one month to allow the vinegar to pull out the constituents (preferably start on the new moon and bottle on the full moon). Every day or every few days give it a little shake and a pep talk for good measure!

4b}Add ACV to ingredients in the magic butter and use tincture mode on 130 temp.

5} After the 4 weeks has passed or when your magic butter is finished, it is time to strain the liquid from the solid ingredients. Grab your cheese cloth and tie with a rubber band around the jar and pour/strain into a glass measuring cup with a pour spout so you can easily pour into your final container. Take the physical ingredients and give it a good squeeze inside the cheese cloth to get out any extra liquid.

6} Next you are going to add your honey to taste. I usually do about 3 to 1, 1 being the honey. However sweet you want to make it is up to you, some people prefer to not add honey at all and just add honey to it as they take it.

7} Typically we end up going through our fire cider pretty fast, but you can expect for it to last in a cool dry place for about a month, some people say it last longer.

*Please note, nothing on this page is considered medical advice. This information is for research and entertainment purposes only. This information does not attempt to, or elude to diagnosing, treating or curing ANY medical condition. Always consult a trusted healthcare provider when incorporating holistic practices into your regimen.*

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