New Earth & Ether

 podcast & future retreat center


Our passion project, New Eath & Ether is  a podcast and future retreat center co-creation. Our Podcast is a  spiritual transmission of practical magick and grounded spirituality for a new earth paradigm brought to you by Destini of Roots of the Sun and Jacey of The StarWitch Oracle. 

In these discussions Jacey and Destini explore

the devotional tools and practices that they use in their daily life to expand their consciousness, support their body's ascension process and investigate their true nature.

We are passionate witches who explore and teach others about Ascension, Spiritual Storytelling, Mystical Herbalism, Intuitive Astrology and the importance of energy awareness.


Our spirit family aligned us in this lifetime in 2017 and we have been

co-creating pathways of healing and ascension for new earth ever since.

In our previous timeline, at the Roots of the Sun Metaphysical Apothecary & Tea House Brick and Mortar in St Pete Florida, we facilitated open conversations with spirit and our community on Thursday afternoons.

It is our intention to continue this tradition from our new found time and space in the mountains of North Carolina.


We hope these sacred sharings will help us better understand the path of Ascension, as well as our purpose on Earth and in the Cosmos.

Latest Episode

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