We have big news!!

Hello Earthlings, we have big changes here at Roots of the Sun. As the seasons change so do we. As such, we have decided to focus fully on our retreat and in-person offerings, since we feel this is our best medicine, and honestly what I believe humanity needs right now more than ever is real connection! This sacred land that we are caretakers for deserves to be shared. We are excited about having intentional events and lots of herbal and ascension teachings and most importantly FUN! I believe fun is a necessary ingredient to a healthy human experience! That being said, we have decided to re-brand our offerings. A new name and intention feels right moving forward, because ultimately we have outgrown Roots of the Sun. The chapter was so beautiful and life-changing for us. We made so many great friends and memories that we will cherish forever. We are truly grateful for all your support while the shop was open, as well as our online shop. Our intention is to make more memories with you all, here in these beautiful Appalachian mountains. Stay tuned for our new look, new name, events, and offerings, we are super excited to share with you!

While I absolutely LOVE making herbal teas and products for you all, I am finding it increasingly hard to find ethically sourced ingredients and the time to keep up with manufacturing and managing our retreat/homestead/event space. I am a little sad to say that I will no longer be offering teas and products on a regular basis on the online shop, however there will be all the Roots of the Sun’s recipes coming out soon on our new website. We do hope you all understand and will come on up for a mountain escape with us soon! So much love and Gratitude to you all!

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Plant Blessings & Infinite Gratitude,

Destini & Jake

About Us

Roots of the Sun is a Metaphysical healing portal created by Destini and Jake with many offerings to support the physical and spiritual human experience.  At Roots of the Sun we specialize in sustainably-harvested loose leaf herbal tea blends and intentionally crafted tools for the ritual of self-care. We offer a number of holistic services for the mind, body and spirit. Roots of the Sun's owner, Destini creates herbal tea blends and natural wellness products to raise your vibration. They also serve consciously-crafted alchemical elixirs, teas and herbal lattes at markets and festivals. Roots of the Sun products are hand-made with love using ethically sourced ingredients by Herbalists practicing the Wise Woman and Folk traditions of Herbalism. Jake is a Holistic Psychologist, He combines modern psychology with ancient traditions in order to guide people towards their highest potential. Together they co-create healing and guidance for a new Earth paradigm. 

Roots of the sun also hosts various workshops and events to spread the ancient knowledge and art of Herbalism, self-care, mindfulness, ascension, and regenerative lifestyle practices for a better world. They have recently purchased land to create a healing sanctuary for future educational retreats and mindful events.

Jake and Destini are a spiritually-bonded couple who have had a similar dream since before they met. Their vision is to bring people together in order to heal the mind, body, and spirit; one person, one community at a time. Their dream is to play a role in the healing and awakening of humanity through herbal and spiritual wellness.
Thank you for helping their dreams come true!


- Spiritual Counseling

~Ascension Education & Coaching
-  Wellness Consultations
- Virtual Classes, Workshops, Events
- Ceremonies 
- Education
​-Wholesale Tea Offerings For Local Businesses


​​~ Organic /Wild Harvested, Hand-blended, Loose Leaf & Bagged Teas

 ​~Custom Tea Blends for Moon Circles & Intentional Events
~Astrology Teas
~ Essential Oil Creations
~ Salves & Soaks
​~ Ritual & Magick Tools
~ Natural Body products


Destini Peacock

Destini Is an Herbalist, New Earth Weaver, Herbal Ascension Coach, Apothecary Mentor, Endangered Herb Farmer,  Ceremonialist, Cosmetologist, Creator, and owner of Roots of the Sun metaphysical apothecary, spiritual/wellness portal, and online tea shop.

 Destini consults and teaches about the beautiful multifaceted aspects of our plant allies. She hopes to inspire humanity into deeper conscious connections with mother nature and the cosmos in order to connect with their true divine nature. She believes that when one better understands their place in nature and the ethers, this leads to their individual ascension process. 

You can find Destini blending teas, foraging, singing and building out her future retreat center, Understory Sanctuary & podcast, New Earth & Ether with her beloved Jake. Destini is available for one-on-one Ascension Coaching, and Awakening your inner herbalist consultations. 

Jake Galles Photo.jpg
Jake Galles, PHD

Jake is a licensed psychologist and spiritual life coach. Dr. Jake is gifted at uncovering specific traumas that may be blocking your highest potential and soul purpose on the planet.

He is an intuitive empath and is passionate about grounded guidance for your spiritual and physical mental wellness. He uses many ancient traditions as well as modern psychological tools to help you experience a life of purpose and fulfillment.


You can find Jake creating music and building out his future retreat center with his divine partner Destini. Check out our services page for more information about one-on-one sessions with Dr. Jake.


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